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How to Operate Apollo Sprayers’ Turbine Machines When Painting a Car

Apollo Sprayers, the leader in the paint spraying sector, develops products using innovative technology, ensuring users outstanding outcomes. One approach is to include turbines in their HVLP sprayer systems. These appliances are smaller and easier to use than air-compressed gadgets, which are bulky and produce a lot of overspray.

Using the MAXI-MISER brand, they provide three distinct turbo machines to get the finest paint finish possible. This is due to the fact that they understand that various vocations have specific requirements. So keep all of these aspects in mind while you look for the ideal equipment for your needs.


Apollo Sprayers recognizes that just a few people are highly qualified professionals when it concerns painting jobs. As a consequence, their POWER-5 VS car tools are ideal for inexperienced car mechanics! It can perform operations with a variety of solvents and water-based compounds. It is also suitable for priming and clear coating.

Because they produce a finer mist than airless sprayers, HVLP paint sprayers are typically employed for less complex tasks such as spotting treatment. You can purchase the POWER-5 VS AUTO along with the PLUS package, which includes extra nozzles and attachments to help you pick how to best accomplish your first paint job!


Although it accomplishes many of the same duties as the previously discussed version, it does so with a few enhancements. It has an automatic stop-and-sound warning mode that warns you if the gadget is overheated or if more paint is needed. It also shows how much power is being delivered, helping you to better control the amount you spray.

Because of its small size, this gadget may be useful to both enthusiasts and freelancing individuals who perform repairs to assist others. In contrast to the POWER-5 VS AUTO, no extra packages are required to get what you need!


This is by far the most sophisticated of all three options available, and it is capable of handling the most complex jobs. Following a collision or fender bender, particular autos may require repairs, and not all paint repairs are small. That is why the 3000 PRO is so common in auto body shops. It is widely recognized as the most efficient turbine paint system in the industry.

The 3000 PRO features three HVLP sprayers to maximize the advantages. Each is responsible for a primer, basecoat, and clear coat. They are now accessible without the need to clean only one sprayer. However, due to its size, those searching for a transportable system might have other options.

The Advantages of Using Apollo Sprayers

You may relax knowing that you select Apollo Sprayers, regardless of which one is best for you. They realize that having complete control over a task is the most efficient way to do it, which is what you can anticipate with all of their HVLP sprayers. They may be positioned to produce 12″ of fanning.

You may expect less fumes since they generate hot, dry air, which keeps you secure. These objects are also self-sufficient, which makes them less detrimental to the environment. There’s no need for gas or electricity; just plug it in, and you’re ready to go!

Even if you’re a regular Joe attempting to paint your automobile, all jobs completed using Apollo Sprayers tools will appear professional. Your friends will only believe you if they learn that the gadgets you used have been bought directly from Apollo Sprayers. Visit their website to find out additional details on all of their turbine sprayers.