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Auto Junk Yards Save You Money During the Recession

Auto Junk Yards Save You Money During the Best of Times. During a recession like the one we’re going through due to the pandemic, junk car yards are vital for those who need their vehicles and are feeling the economic pressure.

Let’s take a look at the savings you can make at your local junkyard

On average you can expect to save 25% on used car parts from junkyards. During sales, these savings can increase to 40% or more. The savings are typically higher at “You dump it” scrap yards simply because you’re doing the work of removing the part from the recovery vehicle rather than employing a scrap yard worker.

What are the best parts to buy at a junkyard?

Although we are in the dismantling industry, we believe our longstanding reputation is as good as it can be because we are honest with our customers. We don’t believe that all used auto parts in junkyards have a high value. For example, spark plugs don’t really offer much savings. A starter is also a questionable purchase simply because it wears out so often and quickly, so buying a used one is really a dice game as to how much benefit you get from it.
But parts like body panels, interior parts, engines, transmissions, these things can offer great savings when you buy used versus new.

An Important Point to Consider Remember that the only way you’ll save a lot of money when buying auto parts is if you later install the part yourself. The labor cost of paying a mechanic can be crippling and wipe out any savings you’ll get from buying at a junkyard. Many auto repair companies do not use aftermarket auto parts when repairing a car. So check with your regular mechanic to make sure they are using aftermarket parts. If not, you’ll either have to fix the vehicle yourself or enlist a brother-in-law for to get good savings.

How can you trust the auto parts?

We are often asked this question: What is the life expectancy of a salvaged car part? And there is no definitive answer to this question. A salvaged piece can last for years or several months. We can only give you the best guarantee in the salvage business. We offer a 90 day warranty on every part sold at All Import Auto Parts and that’s the best there is in the salvage industry.

The Bottom Line of Saving Money at the Junkyard

The Bottom Line is Yes, You Can Save Big at the Junkyard. Savings are best when drawn from meter count, and some parts are best bought new. But generally speaking, a junkyard can and still is your best friend when it comes to your vehicle during tough economic times.