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Road Safety: Prevent Smash and Grab

It’s essential to slow down for the green light when approaching an intersection. Make sure you leave enough space for the other driver to get out of the way. If you see broken glass on the road, slow down even more and drive away in the opposite direction. This can also help prevent a smash and grab. At night, keep your eyes out for people on the road, especially in areas with no lights or traffic signals.

You should also avoid stopping at intersections when the traffic is heavy. This will decrease the risk of being the victim of a smash and grab. Also, remember to lock your doors, keep valuables out of sight, and don’t talk to campaigners or street vendors. It would help if you were extra vigilant to avoid being a target when you’re behind the wheel.

Many smash and grab incidents target the passengers in a vehicle. As a passenger, you are less likely to be a target, making the situation worse. You should keep your doors locked during an incident and avoid discussing valuables theft with street vendors or flyers. Your car should also be locked and protected with window tint when you are not in it. The best way to prevent smash and grab attacks is by having your windows tinted. This will contain your windows from shattering and protect your passengers from dangerous glass shards. It is also possible to install a window tint on the sides and rear of your car. If you have a van or SUV, make sure to leave at least a few inches of space between your vehicle and the van or SUV.

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Road Safety: Prevent Smash and Grab [Infographic]