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Here are five tips to not to lose money when selling your car

Good appearance is among the most important points when it comes to getting a good price if you want to Sell My Exotic Car Atlanta. Up-to-date maintenance and a favorable record of accomplishment are two other key items when negotiating a used car. Digital platforms have been increasingly sought after during the pandemic, facilitating the negotiation process.

Buying a car is an accomplishment, but when selling a used car, doubts begin: where to advertise? What would be the value? Do you accept exchange? There are so many questions, but one answer is certain: nobody wants to lose money on marketing. Check out five tips to make a good deal.

The appearance

Keeping a good appearance is one of the fundamental points to be able to sell the car for an interesting value. The vehicle to be traded must be in good, clean condition; scratches, dents, broken flashlights decrease resale value. If imperfections are visible, the buyer will already have a bad impression of the car’s mechanics.

The history

A well-maintained car that has always been serviced and maintained is easier to sell. It is necessary to be aware of the recall campaigns that the automakers carry out and to be up to date with the revisions. Even if the revisions have not all been carried out at the dealership, it is important that they are registered in the car’s manual, or that the owner keeps the invoices issued in the service provision. 


A good record of accomplishment, without fines and other pending issues is also important to be able to sell your used car well. Car maintenance is not just about the mechanical part. 

The market values ​​of used models have varied a lot lately and do not follow fixed prices. It is used to calculate the insurance and tax value, but it should not be the main reference for the value of the vehicle. Some brands and some car models are marketed above the table’s value. It is necessary to understand the price practiced by the market and consult guides and tables of resellers.


Resorting to a good online platform has been one of the most sought after alternatives during the pandemic. In this delicate moment we are in, safety is fundamental. Look for online platforms that do the entire process without you leaving your home. There are services that move providers to evaluate the vehicle at your home, analyze the mechanics, and take pictures of the car, following all health and safety protocols.

The information is entered into the application and your car is available for sale. You do not run the risk of meeting people you do not know and having to go to public places to show the car. This is a modality already practiced on some platforms even before the pandemic.

The most valuable tip for you is put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you buy a dented and poorly maintained car? Would you accept a site as payment?