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Myths about Mobile Car Mechanics

Gone are the days when you had to find time off your hectic schedules and rush to the mechanic shop to have your car repaired. Today, you can have your car repaired while you sit back and relax at home by availing service of mobile car mechanics. 

Despite their wide prevalence, there are many myths and misconceptions about mobile car mechanics, and it’s important to separate fact from fiction when considering using one for your next car repair or maintenance needs. 

So, let’s explore the top 5 myths about mobile car mechanics and make an attempt to bust them!

1] Mobile mechanics are less qualified than shop mechanics.

Many mobile mechanics are certified and have the same qualifications as shop mechanics. They also undergo the same licensing and certification tests as shop mechanics, and some even have greater experience working on cars than mechanics in traditional repair shops.

2] Mobile mechanics can’t handle complex repairs.

Having access to the same diagnostic tools and equipment as shop mechanics, mobile mechanics are able to perform a wide range of repairs, including complex ones.

 They are also able to diagnose and fix problems with your car’s electrical and computer systems.

3] Mobile mechanics charge more than shop mechanics.

This is not always the case. In fact, some mobile mechanics charge lesser than shop mechanics because they have lower overhead costs. They also offer competitive prices to attract customers and establish themselves in the market.

4] Mobile mechanics are not insured.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the professional mobile mechanics are insured and have liability insurance to protect you and your vehicle in case of any accidental damage during the repair process.

5] Mobile mechanics use sub-par parts and products.

This is not true. Mobile mechanics use the same high-quality parts and products as shop mechanics. They also have access to a wide range of suppliers and can source any parts that they may need for a repair.

Today, the use of mobile mechanics is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They offer convenience, flexibility, and quality service at competitive prices. Don’t be swayed by myths and misconceptions about mobile mechanics. Instead, do your research, ask for referrals, and find a mobile mechanic that meets your needs and budget. 

In this regard, Toronto Mobile Mechanic auto service can be your best bet if you are looking for experienced and proficient mobile mechanics!